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Feeding your lawn is essential in getting a sustainable, healthy lawn. Lush, green turf free of bugs and disease is not a simple task. It takes the right knowledge, product and professional monitoring technician. Our fertilizer is a premium golf course fertilizer,which we get from Brett Young who supplies us with superior fertilizer which you can't buy at your local retailer. Our fertilizers have all the micronutrients and macronutrients that your lawn needs to be healthy and lush. Our one fertilizer that we have used for a few years now is a homogeneous fertilizer, which means every nutrient is in each prill and breaks down much faster and more effectively when wet.


There are the 3 main Macro nutrients every lawn needs for good growth and to stay healthy. which is available in almost any fertilizer product. but there are also 8 Micro nutrients essential to good lawn health in Muskoka.

Macro Nutrients - Nitrogen 16.0% - Phosphorous 2.0% - Potassium 15.0%

Micro Nutrients - Boron .30% - Zinc .18% - Manganese .16% - Magnesium .8% - Copper .08% - Iron .50% - Calcium 4.0% - Sulfur 5.0%

Fertilizing Essentials

  • In the Muskoka region your lawn ideally needs 4Lbs of Nitrogen per 1000 sq feet
  • Spring feeding should be done when the soil temperatures reach about 13 degrees Celsius
  • After the first feeding applications should be approx 6 weeks apart - depending on soil temperatures and the moisture level
  • Granular fertilizer should be applied with a rotary spreader and over lapped in perpendicular lines to avoid striping or burn

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