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Lawn Core Aeration

Lawn Core Aeration

Benefits of Turf Aeration

Turf aeration, combined with top dressing and is a smart, simple and affordable way to naturally ensure a healthy, long-term, sustainable lawn. This service promotes healthier grass growth more tolerant to drought by:

  • Improving water-flow, oxygen and nutrients through the soil to the root system
  • Encouraging grass to root more deeply
  • Conserving water since grass will be better able to absorb it
  • Controlling the growth of thatch, weeds and disease by increasing the activity of micro-organisms in the soil
  • Maximizing the performance of fertilizers
  • Adding nutrients back into the soil system

A regular aeration schedule can help you eliminate and prevent some of the most common turf problems. Aeration removes small portions of soil and puts them back onto the surface so they can work their way back into the grass. This process creates small holes that help break up the compacted soil so that water, air and nutrients can penetrate the grass roots. However, the real secrets are to over seed and add a compost-rich top dressing to an aeration routine. This combo is the best way to set the stage for a long-term healthy lawn.

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